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Vandalism Antisemitic stickers in Amsterdam, March 2015.

Acts of vandalism, as a rule, have anti-Islamic or anti-Jewish character in the Netherlands. Members of extreme- right group Identitair Resistance occupied de Al Hijra mosque in the morning of 7 February showing banners with slogans like “In Leiden victory starts” and “Stop Islam.” One of the prominent group members Paul Peters vandalized a Jewish cemetery on the night of April 29, 2001 along with several other right-wing extremists. They beat tombstones broken and painted on dozens of tombstones swastikas and Nazi slogans like “Jude Raus” and “Wir sind zurück".

In November 2017, members of Pegida attempted to prevent the construction of a mosque in the Netherlands by dumping pig’s blood on the site.[1] Dressed as a priest, a Pegida member planted a wooden cross on the site of a new mosque in the Dutch municipality Enschede and then proceeded to rub the cross with pig’s blood.

The members of the far-right ID Verzet movement hunged Islamophobic and racist signs on the roof and minaret of the Tevhid Mosque under construction in the city of Venlo (see image bellow).[2]ID Verzet, who took responsibility act, wrote on the signs in Turkish and Dutch, “Stay away, the Netherlands belongs to us. We do not want a mosque in our neighborhood, we do not want Islamists.”

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