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Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist Attacks

In general, the Dutch law enforcement authorities manage to prevent Terrorist Attacks. Significant law enforcement and judicial actions related to counterterrorism in 2017 included:

 On November 13, a district court in Rotterdam convicted a Dutch woman for preparing and promoting acts of terrorism but acquitted her of participation in a terrorist organization. She traveled to Syria in 2015. She was sentenced to two years in prison, with 13 months suspended.

 On November 2, a district court in Rotterdam convicted a man for preparing to commit a terrorist attack and sentenced him to four years in prison. Authorities arrested him in December 2016 after hearing of plans to attack the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam. Police found an AK-47, ammunition, illegal heavy fireworks, and instructions on how to make a bomb in his residence.

 On September 13, the Minister of Justice and Security announced the revocation in absentia of Dutch citizenship for four foreign terrorist fighters. This marked the first time the government used new legislation, which entered into law March 1. All four individuals are presumed to be in Syria.

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