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Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups

Radical Right-Wing Political Parties and Groups Leader of the Freedom Party Gert Wilders.

The main ultra-right party in the Netherlands is the Freedom Party, created in 2006 by politician Gert Wilders. “The Freedom Party” is building its propaganda around the danger posed by “aliens” (immigrants, refugees), which threaten the homogeneity of the Netherlands. To attract and retain voters, this threat must be updated again and again. The Freedom Party demands closing borders, getting rid of political correctness, introducing administrative detention, stopping immigration from Muslim countries.

At the same time, Wilders increasingly tries to position himself as pro-Jewish and pro-women, focusing instead on Islamophobia and migrantophobia. Therefore, along with traditional slogans about “the lowest Islamic culture”, “Muslim invasion”, “tsunami of Islamic testosterone”, etc., he increasingly appeals to the female, Jewish and homosexual audience, representing himself as a defender of European liberal values. The party enjoys considerable popularity - it has the third largest faction in the Dutch parliament, and is also represented in the European Parliament (where it is a member of the European Alliance for Freedom).

The second largest and most influential radical party is the Forum for Democracy (Dutch: Forum voor Democratie, FvD), a national-conservative, eurosceptic political party in the Netherlands, founded as a think tank by Thierry Baudet who has been the party's leader since 22 September 2016. The party first participated in elections in the 2017 general election, winning two seats in the House of Representatives.

On the international scene, Wilders is a clear Eurosceptic. During his campaign for the EU elections, he cut out a symbolic star from the Dutch EU flag to demonstrate his desire to pull the Netherlands out of the EU. “We do not want Brussels, we do not want the EU,” he said, “and I'll take this star back to the Netherlands and give it to the Dutch people, to show that we do not need this European flag and that we are proud of our own Dutch flag.” Union of the Dutch People advocates for the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators. However, its support is minimal.

The neo-Nazi groups, such as Autonoom Nationaal Socialistische Actie and Verenigd Nederlands Arisch Broederschap are affiliated to the international neo-Nazi network Blood and Honour and have a history of violent attacks on immigrants and ethnic minorities.

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